WWOOF – Organic Lettuce Farm – Maui, Hawaii

let10 Life on a Lettuce Farm!For our latest WWOOF adventure in Hawaii, we arrive at Island Paradise Organic Lettuce Farm in Haiku, Maui.  We’ll help out on the farm suppling a delicious organic salad mix to many of the restaurants and produce shops on the  island.

It’s much cooler and wetter on this side of the island and we’re learning LOTS about 14 different kinds of lettuce. Did you know 100g of fresh, raw lettuce provides 247% of your daily Vitamin A?

Our favorite so far is the Green Wave with a very distinctive wasabi taste – YUM!


We thought it might be fun to show what we do in a typical day on thelettuce farm, from the field to your salad plate!  

The pickers cut the lettuce by type…

lett4 150x150 Life on a Lettuce Farm!lett21 150x150 Life on a Lettuce Farm!lett2 150x150 Life on a Lettuce Farm!

And they bring it to us for WASHING & PACKING!

lett3 238x300 Life on a Lettuce Farm!  Our host Crystal and Gi Gi from France dropping off totes of freshly picked lettuce.

let2 300x225 Life on a Lettuce Farm!Where we put them in the sink for a thorough rinsing and wash.



Once everything is squeaky clean – all weeds and stray bugs picked out, it’s time for a SPIN!

let4 300x225 Life on a Lettuce Farm!

This is an ordinary washing machine with the agitator removed, we put it on the spin cycle only and in a few minutes we have a basketful of clean, dry lettuce READY TO PACK! Now, it’s loaded into the packing room and piled HIGH!

let6 300x261 Life on a Lettuce Farm!

Look at all this lettuce!!

It’s time to bag it up! We weigh three pounds per bag as the norm and a box of four bags gets labeled and taken off to the restaurants to be served…

lett 150x150 Life on a Lettuce Farm!                lett5 150x150 Life on a Lettuce Farm!

Of course, there’s always time for a little nibble or two…

let7 300x225 Life on a Lettuce Farm! YUM!

Next week we’re off to The Big Island to WWOOF on a Kona Coffee plantation for a month. Bring on the caffeine!!

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