Tips for First Time House Sitters

As house-sitting increases in popularity, the competition for prime spots increases. Some homeowners receive hundreds of inquiries for their property! It’s in your best interest to make your profile stand out above the rest. Here are some tips on how to make your profile shine!

We’ve asked many homeowners what THEY were looking for in a potential house-sitter and overwhelmingly their answers were the same – someone they could TRUST. While you may be doing the property owner a big favor by watching their home and animals, they are entrusting you with two of their most valuable possessions.

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As you fill out your on-line profile
*Put yourself in the homeowners place. If you were leaving your home and pets to be looked after by a stranger, what would be the most important things to look for? Common sense, responsibility, and consideration go a long way.

When describing yourself
* Your goal is to make the homeowner feel comfortable and reduce their anxiety when leaving their home and pets behind. You may be stoked to spend your days at the beach, but honestly, the homeowner isn’t interested. Focus on why the owner would want you, rather than only about why you want the position.

Put your best foot forward
*Use your profile as your resume. When a homeowner receives an in-box full of applicants for their position, make sure yours glows. If pet care is required, list pets you have owned, loved, and cared for. If they have a garden, past experience is a plus. Don’t be shy, tell about the summers you spent cutting grass for extra money.

Don’t worry if this is your first house-sit
*Previous experience is a plus, but everyone has to start somewhere. List relevant jobs or responsibilities that show the owner how you would be a good fit. Summer camps, babysitting, and volunteer experiences help build confidence in your abilities.

Make it personal
*Include pictures of yourself so the homeowner can get a feel for your personalty. However, keep in mind those of you and friends having a wild party might not be the BEST choice. 🙂

When it’s mutual
*Once the homeowner has fallen in love with your profile and knows you’re the perfect fit for them, it’s your turn to ask some important questions.
1. Will you need a car or is public transportation available?
2. Is there any form of payment required on your part?
3. What is the worst case scenario plan? Evacuation during hurricane season or power outages during winter ice storms?
4. What about Internet access or wi-fi? Is it available in the home or how far away is the nearest Internet cafe?
5. For pet-sitting, be certain you know any special requirements or quirks as well as the telephone numbers of emergency contacts. Ask for a comprehensive phone list.

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