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Askari Wilderness Conservation Program in South Africa

This month’s featured volunteer program is Askari Wilderness Conservation, one we had the opportunity to visit while in South Africa. From a first-hand view, we recommend the staff, accommodations, and projects all to be of the highest quality. The Askari Facebook Page gives an entertaining inside glimpse of life on the reserve. Getting close to the animals for research and doing valuable work within a working reserve is what this program believes in. Here you’ll be a part of a true African bush experience! Joining this program means you can make a genuine and valuable, hands-on contribution to conservation. Assist the [ ... ]

Work Exchange for Travelers

Work Exchange Programs for Travelers A New Zealand dairy farm, hand feeding alpacas, working in a vineyard and picking macadamia nuts…all of these are coming up in October and November for us at Will Work 4 Travel! In exchange for a few hours of work each day (varies by host) we’ll receive meals and a comfortable place to stay. We’ll join in with life on the farm and become a part of the host family for periods of a few days to two weeks at a time. Our travel costs are drastically reduced and we get to have some pretty awesome [ ... ]

Featured Program – GVI – Wildlife Expedition, South Africa

Featured Program   Global Vision International Wildlife Conservation Expedition in South Africa This expedition offers you the unique opportunity to assist GVI with important conservation research and get up close and personal to South Africa’s incredible wildlife, such as lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena and elephant. One warning though – once you’ve gotten to spend this much time with the animals you’ll be spoiled on traditional safari’s forever! Read more about our own South African GVI experience here. Working as a hands on expedition member you will work alongside an international team to collect vital behavioral data on reintroduced predators and large herbivores on a [ ... ]

VOLUNTEER – Wildlife Conservation – South Africa

Thrills of a lifetime! A two-day old cheetah cub, charging elephants, lions with a fresh kill, and this was just the first week! Having the opportunity to spend 12 weeks living and working in the S. African bush certainly spoiled us for conventional safaris, but that was okay. We chose the volunteer organization Global Vision International in part because of their commitment to providing quality training and safety to their expedition members. Another major factor in our choice of programs was that the data we were collecting would be used by public educational institutions to better sustain the local communities. But I [ ... ]

VOLUNTEER – Quantum Leap, Horses for Healing -Odessa, Fl

The look of pure joy on the face of a young lady with cerebral palsy…the determined smile from the autistic boy…and the enormous grin from a wounded combat veteran. What do all of these have in common? A visit to Quantum Leap Farm and a ride on one of the therapy horses who call this their home. Begun in 2000, this non- profit organization provides services for adults and children with physical and mental disabilities. Helping people of all ages and abilities achieve goals and overcome challenges by engaging them with horses. This is one of our favorite volunteer programs so [ ... ]

VOLUNTEER – Pacific Whale Foundation – Maui, Hawaii

We learned about Pacific Whale Foundation through their Volunteering on Vacation program. They have a partnership with other non-profits, the National Parks Service and community groups to protect Maui’s fragile island environment. The Pacific Whale Foundation also sponsors community events, education, research and conservation programs over the island. Volunteers earn points toward discounts in PWF’s Ocean Stores and tickets to their amazing Eco-Adventures. See the attached photo! This is an easy way to stretch your travel budget in Hawaii and feel like you are giving something back to these spectacular islands. Go to my site to get access to tours to [ ... ]

VOLUNTEER – GVI Coral Reef Research – Mexico

“Bloody Hell! There’s a possum in my bed!” Definitely NOT what you’d expect to hear on a 12 week expedition with Global Vision International to Mexico’s unspoiled Sian Ka ‘an Biosphere for Coral Reef Research. Yet, the surprise experiences never seemed to stop coming! The goal of this volunteer expedition for which you need not buy AR15 accessories is on monitoring and protecting the surrounding MesoAmerican reef, by conducting surveys on fish and coral as well as turtle nests and gaining and overall understanding for this water-based environment. Not only did we come away with advanced diving certifications – Cheryl became a Rescue [ ... ]

VOLUNTEER – Habitat For Humanity – Tampa Bay

Who would ever have thought that hammering nails, cutting siding, and stuffing itchy insulation inside walls could be so rewarding and so much fun? I have to admit being a little apprehensive when we showed up at my first build with the Tampa Bay Habitat For Humanity. I know next to nothing about construction or building anything larger than a birdhouse, but within minutes we’d been introduced to the project supervisor and given detailed instructions on what needed to be done. We worked alongside family members of those who would soon be occupying this home and listened to their expressions of gratitude [ ... ]

VOLUNTEER – Great American Pie Festival – Celebration, Fla

Volunteering couldn’t get much sweeter than a day spent at the Great American Pie Festival in Celebration, Florida! This will be our second year volunteering as servers at the “Never Ending Pie Buffet”, but there are positions as Pie Police, Pie-Eating Contest judges, and Children’s Pie Decorating Tent available as well. Thousands of pie lovers, tasters and bakers gather together at the Great American Pie Festival sponsored by Crisco®. The highlight, as always, will be the Never-Ending Pie Buffet, featuring award-winning pie, ice cream, toppings and beverages. Our shift as pie buffet servers is pure pleasure. Deciding which of the over 85,000 slices [ ... ]

VOLUNTEER – Reef Watch Waikiki – Hawaii

Who wouldn’t want to spend a day at beautiful Waikiki Beach in Hawaii? That’s where our snorkel survey for Reef Watch Waikiki begins. This volunteer opportunity is to gather data, share knowledge, promote appropriate reef etiquette and lead educational programs for both visitors and those native to the islands. In addition to the snorkel surveys in which we identified fish, coral, and invasive plant species, we also participate in frequent beach monitoring to determine human use and biological monitoring. Reef Watch Waikiki gives us the opportunity is give back to the community as well as meet an amazing group of individuals committed [ ... ]