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We had heard about the Scottevest Travel Vest, and it seemed like a pretty good idea but it was hard to believe that you could use those 17 pockets and not get a bulky, odd looking form when wearing it.  While heading to Fiji we got the chance to put it to the test!   Somewhat over our baggage limit, we had to re-pack our bags at the airport.  Thankfully we had recently left TBEX12 where Scottevest provided us all with one of their Travel Vests.  Out came the vests and here is what we loaded into one of them:

iPad, iPhone, our Kindle Fire, a paperback book, iPad charger, Olympus camera, computer charger, and a compact video camera!  An equal amount of gear went into our second vest and we saved almost $100 in extra baggage fees!

While the vest does retail for $125, we realize now after 2 uses it pays for itself!  I am not sure we are quite ready for the Scottevest No Baggage Challenge, but certainly a step closer!

Take a look at all the pockets and what you can put into them:


Here are the details:

Travel Vest – $125 Available in Men’s or Women’s Styles

  • 17 pockets (woman’s)/24 pockets (men’s)
  • Comfy, lightweight and breathable with mesh lining
  • Wrinkle, water and stain-resistant fabric to keep you looking sharp
  • Incorporates clear touch fabric interior pockets, weight management system and NoBulge™ pocket design
  • Machine Washable (or as we typically find on the road, hand washable too!)

Scottevest has more than just vests.  You can stock yourself up with cargo pants, shirts, boxers (2 pockets!) and even a ball cap that has 2 pockets.  The ball cap is the next on my wish list.  One pocket in the bill and one on the side to hold your car key, credit card and some extra cash..  all on your head!

Safe Travels!

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