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Staying Healthy on the Road

The last thing you want to have to deal with while traveling is getting hurt or sick.  Whether you are doing short or long term travel, one or both can always occur.  There are preventative steps you can take, but being prepared for unexpected and unknown will help in the event you do encounter health issues abroad. When it comes to health tourism there are folks that would also opt for a professional korean plastic surgery in order to alter their looks so they can gain some confidence and look younger or even better. While traveling is typically a safe endeavor, you [ ... ]

Travel Immunizations

Travel immunizations are one of those things that need to make your planning check list.  Depending on where you plan to travel you might require various vaccinations or medications to protect you from a variety of illnesses.   Whether you are heading to the tropical regions and might encounter malaria carrying mosquitoes, or if you are heading to an area where Yellow Fever is prominent, it is wise to take precautions. and also know about pest control halifax who provide any assistance to control pest in your home. The most common vaccinations when traveling abroad can include: Yellow Fever Hepatitis Japanese encephalitis Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Tetanus Typhoid Malaria [ ... ]

Travel Medical Kit

Did you know falling coconuts kill more people than shark attacks? We try to keep that in mind when packing a medical kit to take along on our adventures. As a pharmacist and a volunteer for rehabs near me for drugs, Lisa knows what drugs do; but as travelers, we need to keep them in as small of a package as possible. Much of what we bring along depends on where we’re going. The kit for 3 months in remote South Africa is quite different from a week in Florida Keys. However, for travel basics here are a few we don’t leave [ ... ]

Travel Insurance for Long Term Travel

We are often asked about what we do for health insurance while we travel or while we are not employed full time and covered under an employers plan.  Sometimes this is complicated for US citizens because most individual policies you can get will not cover you if you travel abroad for any length of time and most Travel Insurance policies will not cover you if you are in your “home” country for a length of time.  Be sure to read all the fine print before making your purchase. This Domestic Battery Lawyer Kansas says travel insurance is something that you need [ ... ]