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Cameras for the Road

A digital camera may be the most important piece of equipment a traveler packs. Choosing the right camera to record and store irreplaceable images and video can be a confusing task. Whether it’s a basic point and shoot or a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera with all the bells and whistles, the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help sort through the endless details. Define and prioritize your needs. SIZE, ZOOM, PIXELS, PRICE, and VIDEO all play a part in deciding which camera will best suit the type of traveling you’re doing. SIZE: When portability [ ... ]

Packing for the Big Trip – There’s an App for That!

For us,  one of most stressful parts of traveling is making the decision of what to take along in the first place. In the past, scattered around the house would be scribbled notes, Post-it’s, crossed out lists and crumpled papers – and that was just for a weekend away!  Now that we’re planning to be gone a year or more, it’s really getting serious. When the commercial says, “there’s an app for that”, they aren’t kidding. Packing apps are springing up for all platforms of Smartphone, iPad and computers. These cater to frequent, business, family, weekend, and long- term travelers as [ ... ]

Backpack or Roller?

We’re at the one month mark before heading off around the world and still haven’t quite decided whether to go with a backpack or a rolling suitcase – well, Cheryl hasn’t decided. Lisa had such a tough time lugging her enormous backpack around Europe last time out that she’s quite happy with a rolling bag. It’s a 27 inch JEEP duffel with in-line skate wheels and LOTS of pockets to stuff things. And it’s RED, her favorite color. Even Priscilla’s excited about her choice! But, sometimes among long-term travelers there exists a stigma when someone appears rolling a bag down the [ ... ]

Best Travel Credit Cards to Earn Free Flights

I am not really a fan of credit cards, and if you tend to carry a balance and pay just the minimum monthly amount due, this article might not be for you!  Used smartly though, a travel credit card can bring you amazing places for FREE.   Almost all of these cards listed below will give you enough miles on your first purchase to get a free flight and then when used for your usually monthly purchases you can quickly get additional miles. Here is an actual example of how we are using travel reward points for our trip.  We chose the [ ... ]

Travel Medical Kit

Did you know falling coconuts kill more people than shark attacks? We try to keep that in mind when packing a medical kit to take along on our adventures. As a pharmacist and a volunteer for rehabs near me for drugs, Lisa knows what drugs do; but as travelers, we need to keep them in as small of a package as possible. Much of what we bring along depends on where we’re going. The kit for 3 months in remote South Africa is quite different from a week in Florida Keys. However, for travel basics here are a few we don’t leave [ ... ]

Tips for First Time House Sitters

As house-sitting increases in popularity, the competition for prime spots increases. Some homeowners receive hundreds of inquiries for their property! It’s in your best interest to make your profile stand out above the rest. Here are some tips on how to make your profile shine! We’ve asked many homeowners what THEY were looking for in a potential house-sitter and overwhelmingly their answers were the same – someone they could TRUST. While you may be doing the property owner a big favor by watching their home and animals, they are entrusting you with two of their most valuable possessions. For more information on [ ... ]

Travel Insurance for Long Term Travel

We are often asked about what we do for health insurance while we travel or while we are not employed full time and covered under an employers plan.  Sometimes this is complicated for US citizens because most individual policies you can get will not cover you if you travel abroad for any length of time and most Travel Insurance policies will not cover you if you are in your “home” country for a length of time.  Be sure to read all the fine print before making your purchase. This Domestic Battery Lawyer Kansas says travel insurance is something that you need [ ... ]