About Us

A Vineyard in Italy?

A Sheep Farm in New Zealand?

Bee-keeping in Thailand?

Yes, we’re up for that!


From dive bar drudgery to 5-star exotic escapes, we’re ready! Our goal? To “work” our way around the world. Stretching our travel dollars by house-sitting, volunteering, animal rescue, teaching, petsitting, winemaking, sheepherding, WWOOF, HelpX, and any other fun ways that come along. Give us an idea and we might just do it!

Who are we?  


We’re Cheryl MacDonald and Lisa Chavis. In 2007, we decided our lives weren’t nearly exciting enough, so we left successful careers as a corporate executive and pharmacist, sold all possessions that wouldn’t fit in a large backpack and took off around the world. It was only supposed to last 6 months, but that career break turned us into travel bugs and we aren’t nearly ready to stop yet.

Traveler, adventurer, writer, photographer, SCUBA diver, volunteer, and overall lover-of-life. In a nutshell, that’s a good description of either of us at any one moment. With this site, we’d like to inspire others to get out there and experience this amazing world. We’ll share all that we’ve learned along the way. What do I pack?, How much money will I need?, Where do I find working opportunities to stretch my travel budget? Check our RESOURCES page for tips and ideas on how YOU can do this, too.


Our blog What Boundaries Travel chronicles our adventures backpacking for thirteen weeks and eleven countries throughout Europe, volunteering for ten weeks of diving in the Mexican jungle to protect the coral reef, three months in Africa photographing and studying up-close the Big 5 on game reserves, riding camels through the Sahara desert, diving the pristine waters of Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, WWOOFing our way around the islands of Hawaii, and as for what’s ahead??? There is an awful lot to see out there.

Our first book What Boundaries? Live Your Dream! allowed us to explore opening and running our own publishing company Wander Press during our travels. The humorous travelogue that resulted gave us a chance to let others know it’s never too late to live your dream. While we’re out there this time we’ll be videotaping, photographing and writing our second book, Will Work 4 Travel! Our dream, besides traveling full-time, is to someday have our own travel show. You never know what might happen when you put your dreams out to the universe!

Our motto is TRAVEL! WORK! LAUGH! So come join us as we work our way around the world. Connect with us on our Facebook page, on Twitter, Pintrest, or join our e-mail list. We love your comments and will be happy to answer any questions we can!


Thank you for inspiring us!

Cheryl and Lisa

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