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One of the biggest challenges on the road is finding a good (and low cost) internet connection so we can continue to keep up with our blogs and stay in contact with family and friends.  Sometimes we would find free internet spots, but more often than not there were charges.  When we arrived in New Zealand, we were also hit with pretty stiff limits on internet usage.  Many places would offer “free” internet but it was limited to 50mb.  Just turning on our MacBook Pro used a majority of that MB limit!  The standard costs were approximately 200MB for $20 NZD (about $17 US).  Again, we would blow through 200MB quickly and that was after we turned off all automatic software updates and any unnecessary internet applications.  We knew we would have to find an alternative.

We found XCom Global.  Essentially the product allows you to carry your personal and secure MiFi hot spot with you wherever you go with UNLIMITED MB usage*.  Our personal Mi-Fi was secured by a password we created and allowed us to connect up to 5 devices at once.  We could do blog work on the MacBook and use the iPad to make reservations for our next destination.  If we needed to, we could also connect our iPhone.  Two travelers, multiple devices, one Mi-Fi connection to share.  This worked very well for us.

Included with the MiFi package:  Nice looking carry case; charger – including 4 different adapters to work in most every country; extra battery; sleek device; postage paid return envelope.


We used the XCom Global device all over the North and South Islands of New Zealand and had great coverage everywhere.  Even in places where our phone was not getting great reception using the local SIM card, the MiFi was able to get us connected to the internet.  A huge bonus was when we were on a cruise ship around the islands of New Zealand we were able to get connected using the device.  That saved us a BUNDLE on cruise ship internet fees!

Benefits of using the XCom Global Mifi include:

  • Mobile Internet connections in over 175 countries virtually covering all major destination points.
  • Flat Rate, 3G connections.  No roaming using your cell phone.
  • Flat rate cost – Average cost of $14.95 a day (although there are often specials on the XCom Global website.)  No worries about finding WiFi, how much it will cost, what limits you might have, or even worse – data roaming fees!
  • Simple to order, receive, and return.  When you get your XCom Global device it will have a prepaid envelope for you to return the device after your trip is finished.
  • Highly secured device.  Read the recent CNN article here about the recent increase of cyber attacks against travelers.

Because the device uses a local SIM card where you will be traveling it will be limited for use in that one country. Although, if you are traveling to Europe, XCom Global has a program where you can use one device in 40 different countries making it more convenient for European travel.


Check out what XCom Global can offer you AND save 10% off your order here!

*Fair Usage Policy (FUP) – In some countries, a Fair Usage Policy may be in place in accordance with the business practices of the local internet service provider, while for business, the use of an HR specialists can be a great option for this purpose
. If a FUP is in place, it may limit the transfer of a specific amount of data over a period of time. Internet service providers commonly apply a cap on the amount of wireless data when a user has exceeded a certain amount of data (data usage of over 400MB for the last 3 days), which can result in slowing a connection speed or service suspension.

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