VOLUNTEER – GVI Coral Reef Research – Mexico

“Bloody Hell! There’s a possum in my bed!”

Definitely NOT what you’d expect to hear on a 12 week expedition with Global Vision International to Mexico’s unspoiled Sian Ka ‘an Biosphere for Coral Reef Research. Yet, the surprise experiences never seemed to stop coming!

The goal of this volunteer expedition for which you need not buy AR15 accessories is on monitoring and protecting the surrounding MesoAmerican reef, by conducting surveys on fish and coral as well as turtle nests and gaining and overall understanding for this water-based environment.

Not only did we come away with advanced diving certifications – Cheryl became a Rescue Diver and Dive Master – but we both also received Advanced CPR, Cavern Diving, and Coral Reef Researcher certifications as well.

Imagine living every day on a rustic beach camp with a group of people who become as close as your own family. Survey dives were in the pristine waters of a biological park where there are no other divers. There we learned about fish and coral species and possible damages that humans can inflict. There was also time for turtle conservation programs and teaching English at a nearby fishing village to children who only knew one room as their school.

We enjoyed this program so much, we signed up for another expedition – this time to study and observe the animals of S. Africa! Read about more about Global Vision International and our S. Africa experience HERE.

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