Travel Insurance for Long Term Travel

We are often asked about what we do for health insurance while we travel or while we are not employed full time and covered under an employers plan.  Sometimes this is complicated for US citizens because most individual policies you can get will not cover you if you travel abroad for any length of time and most Travel Insurance policies will not cover you if you are in your “home” country for a length of time.  Be sure to read all the fine print before making your purchase.

This Domestic Battery Lawyer Kansas says travel insurance is something that you need to seriously consider.  It is not only insurance in the event that your plans need to be changed as a result of severe weather, or to cover lost luggage, it is also insurance in the event that you encounter a medical emergency while traveling.

The most common coverage usually includes:

  • Most medical expenses
  • Emergency evacuation, including airlift from remote locations
  • Trip cancellation/interruption or a delay in your departure
  • Accidental death, injury or disablement benefit
  • Loss, delay  or damage to your personal belongings
  • Assistance with lost or stolen travel documents

Some optional coverage options include:

  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • High risk sports – SCUBA, bungee jumping, parachuting
  • Travel to high risk countries
  • Kidnap/ ransom

Here are some links that can provide you with additional information on Medical and Travel Insurance:

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