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Meeting Paddy…

This is the first in the series of posts from Livin’ in Fiji – A House Sitters Story. MEETING PADDY… Our first responsibility at our Fiji house-sit is to take care of Paddy, described as a Fijian mutt, but clearly there’s a little German Shepard in the mix as well. Grey hairs in her muzzle tell us she’s not quite a puppy anymore. She’s an outside dog who comes in every night to sleep on the porch and during the day she prefers to sun in the yard surveying the driveway from her spot at the top. After seeing pictures and her [ ... ]
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Honolulu Happy Hours

Eating and drinking in the Honolulu/Waikiki area can be pretty expensive…okay, VERY expensive! The good news is that by scouting the best deals for Happy Hours it is possible to get your fill of eat and drink without breaking the bank. Now there is no excuse for missing the gorgeous sunsets or taking advantage of all Hawaii has to offer. Here are some of our favorites: 1) Moose McGillycuddy’s – 310 Lewers Street Honolulu.  The daily Happy Hour is from 4pm – 7pm and they have $3 draft, wells, wine and $4 premium pours. Looking for food? The Moose also has [ ... ]

The Power of Community

A remarkable shift in the paradigm of conventional advertising is occurring around us right now. A previously untapped mega-resource of loyalty, readership, and direct response is slowly being unearthed. This wave of power lies within the blogger community. No where was this more evident than this June, when almost 800 travel bloggers and PR industry members converged for the 2012 Travel Blog Exchange Conference (TBEX) in Keystone, Colorado. A blogger uses social media tools to build a community of readers who eagerly and thoughtfully contribute to the dialogue of interest. This kinship allows a different degree of loyalty as readers feel [ ... ]

CardMunch Travel/Business App

  CardMunch – Travel/Business App of the Week It seems whenever we visit a Travel Convention, like TBEX, we come away with a bundle of  business cards and not nearly enough time to transcribe all of the info we need. This free iPhone app from LinkedIn allows us to take a picture of the business cards and all of the names, numbers and important information are converted directly to our contact list. Cardmunch uses real people to transcribe, edit and review the information and shows which LinkedIn connections you already have in common. I especially like the Cardflow Mobile Rolodex to flip [ ... ]

Travel Immunizations

Travel immunizations are one of those things that need to make your planning check list.  Depending on where you plan to travel you might require various vaccinations or medications to protect you from a variety of illnesses.   Whether you are heading to the tropical regions and might encounter malaria carrying mosquitoes, or if you are heading to an area where Yellow Fever is prominent, it is wise to take precautions.   The most common vaccinations when traveling abroad can include: Yellow Fever Hepatitis Japanese encephalitis Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Tetanus Typhoid Malaria – typically a prophylactic pill can be taken Many countries have vaccination requirements in order to enter the [ ... ]

Here We Go Again!

Welcome to WILL WORK 4 TRAVEL!  Join us as we take off for our new adventure to WORK OUR WAY AROUND THE WORLD! Our goal is to travel all around this amazing place we call EARTH, visit as many countries as possible, meet the people, eat the food, and work to help offset costs so that we can extend this awesome adventure as long as possible. We’ll be house-sitting, WWOOFing, exploring volunteer opportunities and expeditions all over the world to show it’s possible to stretch your travel budget for short and long term travel. This should be an interesting trip! First stop will be [ ... ]
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Featured Program – GVI – Wildlife Expedition, South Africa

Featured Program   Global Vision International Wildlife Conservation Expedition in South Africa This expedition offers you the unique opportunity to assist GVI with important conservation research and get up close and personal to South Africa’s incredible wildlife, such as lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena and elephant. One warning though – once you’ve gotten to spend this much time with the animals you’ll be spoiled on traditional safari’s forever! Read more about our own South African GVI experience here. Working as a hands on expedition member you will work alongside an international team to collect vital behavioral data on reintroduced predators and large herbivores on a [ ... ]

Cameras for the Road

A digital camera may be the most important piece of equipment a traveler packs. Choosing the right camera to record and store irreplaceable images and video can be a confusing task. Whether it’s a basic point and shoot or a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera with all the bells and whistles, the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help sort through the endless details. Define and prioritize your needs. SIZE, ZOOM, PIXELS, PRICE, and VIDEO all play a part in deciding which camera will best suit the type of traveling you’re doing. SIZE: When portability [ ... ]

Packing for the Big Trip – There’s an App for That!

For us,  one of most stressful parts of traveling is making the decision of what to take along in the first place. In the past, scattered around the house would be scribbled notes, Post-it’s, crossed out lists and crumpled papers – and that was just for a weekend away!  Now that we’re planning to be gone a year or more, it’s really getting serious. When the commercial says, “there’s an app for that”, they aren’t kidding. Packing apps are springing up for all platforms of Smartphone, iPad and computers. These cater to frequent, business, family, weekend, and long- term travelers as [ ... ]

Backpack or Roller?

We’re at the one month mark before heading off around the world and still haven’t quite decided whether to go with a backpack or a rolling suitcase – well, Cheryl hasn’t decided. Lisa had such a tough time lugging her enormous backpack around Europe last time out that she’s quite happy with a rolling bag. It’s a 27 inch JEEP duffel with in-line skate wheels and LOTS of pockets to stuff things. And it’s RED, her favorite color. Even Priscilla’s excited about her choice! But, sometimes among long-term travelers there exists a stigma when someone appears rolling a bag down the [ ... ]