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Buying a Car in New Zealand

Buying a car is a pretty big deal.  It is your primary source of transport and one of the highest priced items you will typically own after your home.  Considering a source to buy or repair a car while traveling abroad is a whole new experience though!  We did careful cost comparisons and estimates before deciding to buy a car – because that is what we do!  On the top of our considerations is the flexibility a car would offer because that is important to us when we travel.  I won’t even go into the fact that we seem to [ ... ]

Scottevest – Gear That Saves You Money!

We had heard about the Scottevest Travel Vest, and it seemed like a pretty good idea but it was hard to believe that you could use those 17 pockets and not get a bulky, odd looking form when wearing it.  While heading to Fiji we got the chance to put it to the test!   Somewhat over our baggage limit, we had to re-pack our bags at the airport.  Thankfully we had recently left TBEX12 where Scottevest provided us all with one of their Travel Vests.  Out came the vests and here is what we loaded into one of them: iPad, iPhone, [ ... ]

Honolulu Happy Hours

Eating and drinking in the Honolulu/Waikiki area can be pretty expensive…okay, VERY expensive! The good news is that by scouting the best deals for Happy Hours it is possible to get your fill of eat and drink without breaking the bank. Now there is no excuse for missing the gorgeous sunsets or taking advantage of all Hawaii has to offer. Here are some of our favorites: 1) Moose McGillycuddy’s – 310 Lewers Street Honolulu.  The daily Happy Hour is from 4pm – 7pm and they have $3 draft, wells, wine and $4 premium pours. Looking for food? The Moose also has [ ... ]

Best Travel Credit Cards to Earn Free Flights

I am not really a fan of credit cards, and if you tend to carry a balance and pay just the minimum monthly amount due, this article might not be for you!  Used smartly though, a travel credit card can bring you amazing places for FREE.   Almost all of these cards listed below will give you enough miles on your first purchase to get a free flight and then when used for your usually monthly purchases you can quickly get additional miles. Here is an actual example of how we are using travel reward points for our trip.  We chose the [ ... ]