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Our New e-Book is Now Available!

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the world but thought it was way out of reach?  Maybe too expensive? Learn about the newest and hottest travel trend of House Sitting in Lisa and Cheryl’s latest book –   NOW AVAILABLE in e-book format!                    Lisa and Cheryl have been house sitting all over the world and now share with you some of their best practices and helpful hints to get you started as well!  Whether you want to explore your nearby cities and towns or you are ready to take on the world, this book provides practical information from finding the best house [ ... ]

What’s in your Camera Bag?

While we aren’t professional photographers by any means, we do like to take interesting videos and stills to share with friends and family while we’re on the road. The decisions of what camera and video equipment to take on long term travel are the most time-consuming of anything we pack. For us, it’s got to be the perfect combination of features, quality, price, reliability and weight. The delicious Canon DSLR system with its lenses, flashes and drives stays home in favor of a Fujifilm Finepix HS20 24mm-720mm Superzoom. Bouncing around in the back of a safari truck in Africa has shown [ ... ]

Buying a Car in New Zealand

Buying a car is a pretty big deal.  It is your primary source of transport and one of the highest priced items you will typically own after your home.  Considering a source to buy or repair a car while traveling abroad is a whole new experience though!  We did careful cost comparisons and estimates before deciding to buy a car – because that is what we do!  On the top of our considerations is the flexibility a car would offer because that is important to us when we travel.  I won’t even go into the fact that we seem to [ ... ]

XCom Global – Keeping Connected on the Road

One of the biggest challenges on the road is finding a good (and low cost) internet connection so we can continue to keep up with our blogs and stay in contact with family and friends.  Sometimes we would find free internet spots, but more often than not there were charges.  When we arrived in New Zealand, we were also hit with pretty stiff limits on internet usage.  Many places would offer “free” internet but it was limited to 50mb.  Just turning on our MacBook Pro used a majority of that MB limit!  The standard costs were approximately 200MB for $20 [ ... ]

Staying Healthy on the Road

It’s never ideal to fall ill or get injured while traveling, regardless of the duration of your trip. While taking precautionary measures can help mitigate risks, unexpected health issues can still arise. Therefore, it’s essential to be prepared for the unknown, particularly if you’re traveling to a foreign country. One useful resource to have on hand is, which can provide medical assistance and guidance in the event of an emergency. When it comes to health tourism there are folks that would also opt for a professional korean plastic surgery in order to alter their looks so they can gain some confidence [ ... ]

Work Exchange for Travelers

Work Exchange Programs for Travelers A New Zealand dairy farm, hand feeding alpacas, working in a vineyard and picking macadamia nuts…all of these are coming up in October and November for us at Will Work 4 Travel! In exchange for a few hours of work each day (varies by host) we’ll receive meals and a comfortable place to stay, look at the packing jobs for experience and a safe workplace. We’ll join in with life on the farm and become a part of the host family for periods of a few days to two weeks at a time. Our travel costs [ ... ]

Scottevest – Gear That Saves You Money!

We had heard about the Scottevest Travel Vest, and it seemed like a pretty good idea but it was hard to believe that you could use those 17 pockets and not get a bulky, odd looking form when wearing it.  While heading to Fiji we got the chance to put it to the test!   Somewhat over our baggage limit, we had to re-pack our bags at the airport.  Thankfully we had recently left TBEX12 where Scottevest provided us all with one of their Travel Vests.  Out came the vests and here is what we loaded into one of them: iPad, iPhone, [ ... ]

Honolulu Happy Hours

Eating and drinking in the Honolulu/Waikiki area can be pretty expensive…okay, VERY expensive! The good news is that by scouting the best deals for Happy Hours it is possible to get your fill of eat and drink without breaking the bank. Now there is no excuse for missing the gorgeous sunsets or taking advantage of all Hawaii has to offer. Here are some of our favorites: 1) Moose McGillycuddy’s – 310 Lewers Street Honolulu.  The daily Happy Hour is from 4pm – 7pm and they have $3 draft, wells, wine and $4 premium pours. Looking for food? The Moose also has [ ... ]

CardMunch Travel/Business App

  CardMunch – Travel/Business App of the Week It seems whenever we visit a Travel Convention, like TBEX, we come away with a bundle of  business cards and not nearly enough time to transcribe all of the info we need. This free iPhone app from LinkedIn allows us to take a picture of the business cards and all of the names, numbers and important information are converted directly to our contact list. Cardmunch uses real people to transcribe, edit and review the information and shows which LinkedIn connections you already have in common. I especially like the Cardflow Mobile Rolodex to flip [ ... ]

Travel Immunizations

Travel immunizations are one of those things that need to make your planning check list.  Depending on where you plan to travel you might require various vaccinations or medications to protect you from a variety of illnesses.   Whether you are heading to the tropical regions and might encounter malaria carrying mosquitoes, or if you are heading to an area where Yellow Fever is prominent, it is wise to take precautions. and also know about pest control halifax who provide any assistance to control pest in your home. The most common vaccinations when traveling abroad can include: Yellow Fever Hepatitis Japanese encephalitis Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Tetanus Typhoid Malaria [ ... ]