Here We Go Again!

Welcome to WILL WORK 4 TRAVEL! 

Join us as we take off for our new adventure to WORK OUR WAY AROUND THE WORLD!

Our goal is to travel all around this amazing place we call EARTH, visit as many countries as possible, meet the people, eat the food, and work to help offset costs so that we can extend this awesome adventure as long as possible.

We’ll be house-sitting, WWOOFing, exploring volunteer opportunities and expeditions all over the world to show it’s possible to stretch your travel budget for short and long term travel. This should be an interesting trip!

First stop will be the islands of Hawaii! We’ll be visiting Oahu, Maui and The Big Island for a month for videos and blogs showcasing the beauty and splendor of the islands. While we’re there we’ll be hooking up with Reef Watch Waikiki and Pacific Whale Foundation to lend a hand on some of their summer projects.


Next stop FIJI!! A long-term house sitting assignment we found on in Savusavu, Fiji, pet-sitting an adorable dog named Paddy.  This will be our first time in Fiji and we are looking forward to exploring the land, meeting the people, and learning all about the cultures and customs! Here’s a view from the side of the house we’ll be sitting overlooking the beautiful waters of Fiji.  At the end of the driveway is the Pacific Ocean. 

After our house sit, we’ll travel to the Yasawas to check in on friends from Global Vision International and the amazing marine conservation and community building work they are doing there.

After Fiji, we’re in the planning stages for New Zealand and Australia. There’s an alpaca farm in New Zealand and another long-term house sit in Australia that seem to be calling us, but we’re keeping our options open. We promise to keep you posted as soon as we decide!

For now, check our some of Past Projects and the Books & Resources page for tips and ideas on how YOU can stretch your own travel dollars whether for a vacation or long term. The hardest step is the first one, so get out there and TRAVEL!


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  1. Ruth and Frank Ali says:

    hi guys, we are Australian couple 43 and 49, and 3 children ;my partner Frank is of fijian-indian ethnicity , australian born ..a great site you have here:)
    we are ourselves looking to housesit in SavuSavu with our kids this year once we are ready and a house is available for us.. i have land near savusavu and if we can stay and housesit somewhere like you guys are, it would be ideal to plan ourselves and future home while we stay in SavuSavu.
    we are wondering how you are going in your house now? i think we applied for this exact same house but were told was already booked :)
    please if you know of another home for us, we would love to hear about it if you would be so kind
    thanks and kind regards and wishes, Ruth and Frank

  2. wow, I absolutely love what you guys are doing!!! I’m currently paying off all my debt so I can do exactly what you’re going to do very very soon ;) will be following your adventures very closely!

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